Posted on: Sunday, 22 March 2015


I find it almost impossible to believe that I've nearly been living in London for six whole months. I honestly don't know where the time has gone, and it's terrifying that I may only be here for another six months (until my 12 month internship is up). Yesterday I finally did something I had been meaning to do since I moved, which was creating an Instagram account dedicate purely to photos that I've snapped on my London travels. I'm a bit of a photography enthusiast (then again who isn't these days), but if you would like to follow my account then you can do here: @bekkacollinsphoto.

As for the rest of this blogpost, I figured I'd just have a general catch up about what has happened since my last post.

So where shall I start. After my Camden adventures I took myself off to Soutbank to have a wander around and gawk at the London Eye. I went with a friend from work and we ate at a really lovely Mexican place called Luptia's and indulged in cocktails at a jazz club - swanky. I helped out at Country 2 Country festival for work which was held at The O2. It was way more fun than I imagined and I'm embarrassed to admit that I may be slowly converting into a Country fan.

I then headed home for a week to celebrate my 22nd birthday, Mother's Day and my Mam's 50th birthday. While I love being home, it always takes so much time to organise how I'm going to fit around everyone else's schedule that I never really get a chance to have an actual break which meant that when I came back to work this week I was more stressed than ever.

When I got back to London I kicked things off by attending Swim Deep's art and music evening with my friend Katie. It was in partnership with Converse and a bit of a weird, but good night. The free bar definitely helped. Then I actually had an eventual weekend which I always appreciate. I headed to the cinema to see Home - which was a lot better than I expected on Saturday and today I explored Hyde Park until I could no longer feel my feet.

March has turned out to be a pretty eventual month, how has yours been?

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that you're feeling a little less stressed out now! xo


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