Posted on: Sunday, 16 November 2014

USA Road Trip: Washington / Winchester

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Just before we left Philadelphia we picked up a rental car to make our trip that little bit easier. Instead of driving straight to our next destination of Winchester, Virginia, we opted to add a couple of extra hours onto our drive so we could stop off in Washington, DC.

Once we got there we parked up the car and explored by foot. It was absolutely boiling out, but we made sure to visit the White House, Washington Monument and the WW2 Monument. As we were just passing through, we didn't really have much time to see anymore of Washington apart from those sights, but I was incredibly glad that we got to see some of the most iconic buildings in DC.

When we arrived in Winchester we headed out to Five Guys for burgers and then to a drive-in movie. Being Brits, we don't really have the luxury to attend any drive-in movies, so we were all pretty fascinated with going to watch one. We saw Let's Be Cops, and it was pretty funny - though the whole drive-in movie situation isn't as cool if you don't have truck.

The following day we explored Winchester Old Town, which was dainty and packed full of quirky shops. It was laid-back and peaceful, but a little too quiet for my liking. We then set off on the road for over 9 hours - as we got stuck in a big traffic jam. We were spending the night in Knoxville for no other reason than just somewhere to put our head. We had actually crammed a lot into the past few days and were all just grateful for a day of rest. Next up Chattanooga and Nashville...

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  1. This looks so cool! :) Will be following your further adventures!


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