Posted on: Thursday, 20 November 2014

USA Road Trip: Nashville

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For anyone who knows me, you'll know that I love music, and so I have always wanted to go to "music city," aka Nashville. Country music may not be my favourite genre of music, but I can certainly appreciate it, and be fascinated with its evolution and impact on the industry.

Anyway, on our first night in Nashville we stayed close to our hotel and went for food at a little local bar. It was exactly how I'd imagined, shack-like and decorated with cute fairy lights. The staff were lovely and the food was nice - though it's true what they say, they fry EVERYTHING. It was an open mic night too and so we got our first taste of local live music - which I was mostly impressed with. It was certainly a relaxed start to our time in Nashville that was more than needed.

The following day we headed to the Grand Ole Opry and took a tour around the venue. I was really overwhelmed with just how much history surrounded the Opry, from the dressing rooms to the incredible piece of circular stage which so many stars have performed on previously. It was a really great experience to be surrounded by that much culture and iconic memorabilia, and I highly suggest the tour to everyone.

We then headed to Broadway street and browsed all of the cute little shops. They seriously have some gems along the dual roads, but there's also some shit too. We stopped off for lunch and cocktails at Margaritaville before heading out on a tour around the Country Music Hall of Fame. We had to rush around though as we got there pretty late, but we still managed to view everything. In my opinion though, the Opry was a much more worthwhile experience.

As it was Izzy's birthday we decided to have a night out downtown. The good thing about Nashville is, there are two streets of bars that are separated by a single road, so everything is close by. We began in Merchant where we got some food before heading to Honky Tonk which is exactly how I imagined the bars in Nashville to be. It was packed full of locals all wearing checked shirts and cowboy boots, with a local act playing live music and people were legit line dancing - it was GREAT! Then we headed to the Tequila Cowboy, which for some reason had no tequila before making our way to the Whiskey Saloon. Our last stop of the night was in Coyote Ugly, and you're damn right if you're thinking that we played LeAnn Rhymes a ridiculous amount of times and danced on the bar. The last part of the night is a little hazy, but I smashed my phone, made some friends with Australians  and sat in the back of the taxi with the taxi drivers wife. All in all, it was a great night out.

I was honestly surprised with how much I loved Nashville. I didn't really go there with any expectations, but I fell somewhat in love with the ol' country-infused city. 

Have you ever been to Nashville? 

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