Posted on: Tuesday, 18 November 2014

USA Road Trip: Chattanooga

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After our one night stop over in Knoxville, we were about to make our way to Nashville. But as we did a little bit of research first, we decided to make our journey a little more exciting and stop off in Chattanooga. We didn't actually see much of the city itself, as we were there mainly to visit Ruby Falls.

Ruby Falls is a 145-foot high underground waterfall located within Lookout Mountain. You get taken underground and shown around by a tour guide, with the last attraction being the waterfall itself. The tour was pretty interesting, though after a while the rock formations do start to look the same. However, the indoor waterfall is so cool that it 100% makes up for it.

Once you are finished the tour there is a gift shop (duh), which leads out onto a decked area with a bar and food area. Then you can head up to the look out spot which is where the last few photos are taken. It's a great little attraction to do, and I'm glad I pushed for it because I don't think many people can turn around and say they have seen an indoor waterfall.
 Would you want to visit Ruby Falls?

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