Posted on: Sunday, 2 November 2014


Oh hey! So it's been a little while since I last updated this blog, whoops! After my three week trip around America (which I can't wait to share with you all), I found out I had been offered my dream internship with Sony Music in London. After going through a series of interview rounds I was completely overwhelmed with the news, and had about a week to spend with my family and friends back home, but also to find somewhere to live. Thankfully, Izzy, who I went to America with kindly said I could live with her and her mum, and that's where I am now. I've also been in my job for about a month and I am absolutely loving it.

The downside to working Monday-Friday is that I don't really have much time to explore, and for the first few weeks I didn't really do much at the weekends as I was still adjusting to a new routine. In the month that I've been here though, I've been out for lunch with friends a couple of times, had a few events with work, photographed Fearless Vampire Killers at Brixton Academy and went to the Tower of London to see the Poppy exhibit which is in place for this forthcoming Remembrance Sunday. It was the first real time I've taken my camera out with me, and I'm hoping it won't be the last.

I think my posts on this blog will be sporadic but I think now more than ever it's important to keep it going so I can update all my friends and family on what I'm getting up too. You can except a lot of photo posts from my trip across the States, and any adventures that I find myself on in London.

Bekka x

London Shard

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  1. I was just in London in these exact locations on Friday :) Gorgeous pictures!

    Laura x


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