Posted on: Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Bluereef Aquarium Tynemouth



Up until two weeks ago, I hadn't set foot in an aquarium for over ten years. I've always liked aquariums, and I have fond memories of visiting this same one when I was younger, but things seemed a lot bigger then. When my friend Danayeal and I met for a catch up we both wanted a new place to explore and take pictures of, and figured we would head down to the Bluereef Aquarium in Tynemouth to see what we could get up to there. 

It was £9 each for our tickets at a student price, and it's £10 for adults. The people at the aquarium were absolutely lovely and really helpful. They were also super happy for us to take pictures and share them on Twitter and what not, which was a nice surprise. I think it's really cool that businesses are embracing the world of social media now.

The aquarium itself isn't too big, you can probably get round it in less than an hour if you're just there to look and leave, but Danayeal and I spent a good few hours weaving our way in and out of the little areas, learning about the animals, and of course taking photos. When we were there I remembered how much I love turtles, and how much I dislike otters. Hear me out though, otters are really cute I get that, but they smell SO bad, yuck! We also found out that the aquarium put on hourly shows, and we were lucky enough to catch a demonstration of some sea lions who proceeded to jump at targets for us and do some tricks. If you should ever encounter a sea lion on your travels (I mean who knows these days, right?), and they start to wave at you it's not a friendly gesture, and instead it's a warning to leave them alone. I thought that was really interesting to learn because I definitely would have made the mistake of getting up close and personal.

After we had explored the aquarium from top to bottom and were getting closer to the exit, I thought it would be a really good idea to try and get a photo with a stingray because when they swim past you they have the most hilarious faces. We turned it into a game of who could get the best #stingrayselfie (I know, I'm cringing too), and it kept us entertained for a solid half an hour if not longer. We probably looked like absolute fools running all over the place trying to get the perfect angle, but it was totally worth it. You can see some of my attempts below (the middle one is clearly the winner). It was such a good day and it's a great place for people of all ages, I think that's what I liked most about it. When was the last time you visited an aquarium?

Bekka x


Yellow Fish


Sea Lion Show


Fish Tank



  1. I've thought about going here a few times (I usually remember it whilst playing dinosaur crazy golf next door). It looks really good fun! Love your selfies :D

    Chloe x

  2. Beautiful pictures! That terrapin (or turtle??) is so cute! Beth xxx

  3. That looks great fun I love visiting aquariums, especially if they have jellyfish - always a winner with me. Especially loving those selfies with the old stingray!

  4. Great images, I love anything sea related too, apart from drowing of course! I think it's daft when certain places won't let you take photos, I mean, get a grip! Glad you enjoyed the Orlando post, Winter Park is really cool.

    Buckets & Spades

  5. Absolutely stunning pictures. What a great place to take your camera, I love aquariums! Learning about all of the animals is one of my favourite things to do at places like this :).

  6. I love a good aquarium! I love #stingrayselfie too!!


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