Posted on: Friday, 11 July 2014


Bekka Collins on Instagram

After reading Megan's post a few weeks ago about her top Instagram accounts for travel inspiration I was really happy to learn that I'm not the only one who spends ages on Instagram looking for inspiration. Sometimes I get a little bit jealous and then end up wanting to book a one way ticket to the other side of the world, but these things happen right? With that being said I thought I would share my top ten Instagram accounts with you, in no order of course! Picking a mere ten was hard enough, especially as I tried to even things out and not just focus on people with a bunch of followers. It's probably worth mentioning that the majority of the people behind these accounts don't define themselves as travel bloggers or anything like that, I just really enjoy their photos and they certainly give me that wanderlust feeling.

Matt is a music photographer so his feed appeals to my biggest passions of music and photography, but among the live shots and crowd photos he documents his travels from city to city.

Matt Vogel on Instagram

Twenty year old Vilde from Norway has an absolutely stunning profile that is admired by myself and 196,000 others. I just can't get enough of her photos and you can be sure I've hit the "like" button on every post.

Peculiarmee on Instagram

Sophie is a life lover, photographer and foodie. She also gets the wanderlust feeling a lot, but her Instagram focuses on the beauty of the little things in life.

Sophie Learmont

Chris is a Florida based photographer who has found an amazing balance of showcasing his every day life, portraiture, and beautiful landscape shots.

Chris Lampkins on Instagram

Eric is a explorer and songwriter with one heck of a majestic Instagram feed.

Eric Kimberlin on Instagram

Adventure seeker Fionn journals her travels, new experiences and daily life. She snaps what she sees.

Fionn Luk on Instagram

Twenty years old with an Instagram feed full of travel from the UK to Asia.

Maneapablo on Instagram

Despite being close to 1million followers, I have only recently stumbled upon Cole's Instagram but I'm smack-bang in love already.

Cole Rise on Instagram

Based in New York City, Keen posts photos of her city, friends, family and lots of coffee dates.

A Cup of Keen on Instagram

Socal photgrapher Maya specalises in weddings, portraits and adventures, and that's exactly what her Instagram story captures.

Maya in Socal on Instagram

And there you have it, my top ten Instagram accounts. When my urge to go travelling has hit an all time high, these are the first places I look. I hope you found these helpful or interesting, I'm a little bit nosey so I always love looking at people's Instagram's to see what they're doing - especially via the Geotag button which pops all of the places they've taken a photo on a map! If you want, you can follow me on Instagram too: @bekkacollins. What is your Instagram account and who makes it onto your favourite list?

Bekka x


  1. Oh wow, these Instagram folk all have so many stunning images. It makes me want to get a new phone just so I can use Instagram!
    Thanks for sharing and I love your blog by the way xox

  2. Thank you for sharing these, I love finding new people on instagram, people have such talent that my feed often makes me feel very jealous! x


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