Posted on: Friday, 4 July 2014


Florida Boardwalk Pier

Epcot Views


In honour of July 4th (happy holiday's my American friends), I thought I would talk about my three week trip that I took to Florida last year. I was actually in Florida for the 4th of  July so it only seems fitting to do a bit of a throwback post. However, I don't really remember the 4th of July all that well. I was at a house party and do recall sitting on a little kids deck chair out in their backyard which just happened to be a lake, looking up at the fireworks with a can of bud-light in one hand, and my phone in the other realising that there was no place I wanted to be but there. I was surrounded by mostly strangers, and yet in that moment they all felt like family. I definitely had way too much to drink that night, but in that moment I felt like sobriety took over me. I'll probably not get a chance to celebrate another 4th July in America for a long time, but let's just say I definitely made the most of it last year.

The real reason I was in Florida though, was to spend some time with one of my best friends who lives there. We got up to all sorts of things during my time in the Sunshine State, including swimming at Wekiwa Springs which was oh so cold and playing indoor glow in the dark mini-golf. It turns out I'm not all that great at it hah! We spent a lot of time at the Disney Boardwalk which is one of my favourite places, and we managed to dedicate a day to Epcot too! I learned how to play beer pong and we generally caught up, enjoyed the sunshine and hung out like old friends do.

Florida has always had a special place in my heart ever since I first went there in 2007. I'm a big summer fan, so it's not surprising that part of me has fallen a little bit in love with the Sunshine State, but knowing I have a second family over there just makes it feel a bit like home. I always leave feeling incredibly inspired, and wonder what would happen if I stayed a little longer. Maybe one day. Happy July 4th folks, have a crazy good time whatever you choose to do, but stay safe!

Bekka x

Celebration Town In Florida

Wekiwa Springs

Florida Boardwalk Sunset


Runaway Beach Club Florida

Runaway Beach Club Florida Pool

Glow in the dark mini golf


  1. hey hey so you do share my love of the place! I'm lucky enough to have gone every year for around 6/7 years now, as my gf's parents have a place in Davenport. very lucky indeed. So celebration is the local town, about 5 mins drive. I'm making my way through the 99-beer-strong list at the Tavern, food was great too. Shame the cinema isn't open anymore though, not that I really want to be inside mind you! If you're interested in more Orlando based stuff then -, I've done posts most years so you might be able to find a few more on the links at the bottom.

    Never been to Wekiwa Springs, I'm getting that on the list for next time!

  2. A few friends have gone over to celebrate 4th July this year - cue numerous photos and selfies - but never been myself. One day perhaps!


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