Posted on: Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Whitby Seaside

A view of Whitby

Whitby Ruins

Whitby is a little seaside town in North Yorkshire and is widely associated with the novel Dracula. I thought telling you about my recent trip to Whitby would be a great starting point because it was where I went to meet the fourth and final member of my American road trip, Izzy. If you didn't read my first post then you won't know that I'm travelling around America in September for three weeks with my cousin Kathryn, her friend Justine, and Justine's friend Izzy. So we decided to meet in Whitby to spend some time together as a group, but also so Izzy and I could actually meet. She lives in London and won't be back in the North East again until we board our flights!

Justine drove Kathryn and I to the Park and Ride service in Whitby and we hopped on a bus into the centre of the town where we met Izzy. We wasted no time in getting acquainted and decided the best way to see the whole of Whitby was via an open top bus - which admittedly was the first open top bus I've ever been on. The bus was £5 for all day, so it's not a bad price unless you only take advantage of it once like we did. It's a pretty short tour but we managed to hit some great photo opportunities and it takes you all the way up to the Whitby Abbey ruins, which is where we got off the bus. We decided to do a little bit of exploring, before embarking down the 199 steps back into the town centre. Thankfully they weren't as steep as they looked!

The weather was absolutely glorious (I sunburnt my shoulders), and it was a weekend so the cobbled alleys were absolutely packed making it difficult to make our way around the shops once we were back in the centre. We decided to stop for some fish and chips at The Quayside, which is actually labelled as Britain's best fish and chip shop - though it wants to be charging £9.25 for a small fish and chips! My bank balance certainly wasn't impressed with that, but the atmosphere inside the restaurant was nice and the food definitely delivered so I guess that's all that matters.

After our filling lunch we walked down by the harbour and watched the ships sail in and out. We decided to walk as far as you can go, and found that the gaps between the wood on the pier were actually a lot bigger than we thought. I don't have a massive fear of heights, but I definitely felt my legs shaking a little bit until we hit solid ground again.  Having a complete view of the town was worth it though, and it was a lovely ending to our little trip. If I could drive I would definitely visit Whitby more often, there may not be too much to do but it's a lovely place to visit.

Bekka x

Exploring Whitby

Whitby Piers

Whitby iPhone Panaroma


  1. Oh my, it looks amazing and the skies are so blue! It sounds like a fantastic day out and I'm jealous of both the fish and chips and the open top bus, sounds like a great day out x

  2. That is one expensive fish and chips! Glad it was worth it though, great photos. I love the one of Whitby with the ruins in the background, my parents have some artwork of that view from one of the galleries there :-)

  3. Whitby looks beautiful!! Nothing like the flatlands of south florida :)
    I will be watching for your posts!

    Andie's Traveling Pants


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