Posted on: Wednesday, 23 July 2014



So you're going to Walt Disney World, huh? Maybe your flights and tickets are booked and you're wondering just how all of your clothes are going to fit into your suitcase, or maybe you're just being super efficient and planning your trip in advance. Irregardless, Disney World really is where dreams come true and your trip would not be complete without a visit to one of my favourite parks: Epcot. I class myself as an almost veteran of Epcot having been twice, or three times (if you count visiting twice on the same day), and it can be a little overwhelming on your first visit. Not only is everyone talking about things like fast-passes and international pavilions while smiling constantly, but there is so much to see and do you'll wonder how you're going to fit it all in. So that's why I've decided to share with you my top ten tips for visiting Epcot.

Posted on: Monday, 21 July 2014



When I was younger I'd spend each and every Saturday in town. Occasionally we would venture from our typical spot in the centre and head to the nearby park. It was often filled with teens rather than families, and there was definitely some underage drinking going on - but hey, at least we weren't on the street corners. I visited this park a lot when I was younger, but it was just a place to go, rather than somewhere to appreciate. Last month I headed there on a sunny day with my friend Penner, it was the first time I'd been there in about six years. If you had told my 15 year old self that I probably would have been mortified that I had not kept up my *promise* of going every summer. But when I think back to that promise, I wonder why I never kept it, or why it's taken me six years to go back. I really did take my old school hangout for granted, I mean look at it - it's beautiful. 

Posted on: Friday, 18 July 2014


Coniston, UK.
While I'm in the process of creating some bucket lists for my American road trip, I figured I would go back through all of the photos on my phone as unfortunately I'm going to have to delete some in order to make way for three weeks worth of adventures. 

Admittedly I'm a self-defined hoarder, at least when it comes to photos. On my laptop I have the same photo saved about 100 times in a million different places, and my phone is always telling me that my storage is almost full. I, just like many other bloggers I'm sure, like to take photos and document things, and I definitely have a hard time hitting that delete button. So seeing as it's Friday, and a lot of people around these neck of the woods do "Photo Friday / Friday Photo" (I'm not sure which), I thought I would share with you some of the favourite photos I've taken on my iPhone.

Celebration, Florida // Epcot, Florida // Alnmouth, UK.

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Bluereef Aquarium Tynemouth



Up until two weeks ago, I hadn't set foot in an aquarium for over ten years. I've always liked aquariums, and I have fond memories of visiting this same one when I was younger, but things seemed a lot bigger then. When my friend Danayeal and I met for a catch up we both wanted a new place to explore and take pictures of, and figured we would head down to the Bluereef Aquarium in Tynemouth to see what we could get up to there. 

Posted on: Monday, 14 July 2014


It feels weird to be writing about such a momentous occasion on what is primarily considered as a travel blog, but as I said in my introduction post, when everyday life takes me on an adventure I'll write about that too.

Many of you won't know, but for the past three years I've been studying Magazine Journalism at university. I always thought I wanted to be a music journalist, but as the years have progressed I've realised that while I like writing about music, I'm not so sure that it's for me, professionally anyway. I like to be positive in reviews, or at least constructively critical, but I've found the world of journalism prefers you to be much more harsh and negative, it often thrives on the basis of hate and that's something that doesn't sit quite right with me. And unlike most people, I really didn't like university. I hated my course and the way it was structured, and there were only a few modules that we took that I thought were any help. The social aspect was great, and though I made some great friends the likelihood of us being "friends for life" is slim, and that's really quite sad.

Posted on: Friday, 11 July 2014


Bekka Collins on Instagram

After reading Megan's post a few weeks ago about her top Instagram accounts for travel inspiration I was really happy to learn that I'm not the only one who spends ages on Instagram looking for inspiration. Sometimes I get a little bit jealous and then end up wanting to book a one way ticket to the other side of the world, but these things happen right? With that being said I thought I would share my top ten Instagram accounts with you, in no order of course! Picking a mere ten was hard enough, especially as I tried to even things out and not just focus on people with a bunch of followers. It's probably worth mentioning that the majority of the people behind these accounts don't define themselves as travel bloggers or anything like that, I just really enjoy their photos and they certainly give me that wanderlust feeling.

Posted on: Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Bekka of Orbiting Oceans in Paris

So last November my friend Caitlin and I headed to France for three days. Well actually, we got there on Friday morning and left on Sunday night, but it's close enough. We stopped at Disney's Newport Bay Club and spent Friday and Sunday at Disneyland Paris. I don't care what anyone says, you're never too old for Disney! However on Saturday we dedicated the full day to exploring Paris, and though it came with its struggles, I am still to this day surprised by how much we managed to fit into our one day of exploring.

Posted on: Monday, 7 July 2014


From the High Level.

Millenium Bridge.


One of my final modules at university was in photography and we were asked to do a self-negotiated project. I decided to pick light trail photography and capture Newcastle, my hometown. I absolutely love how light trails look, but I knew that the Quayside in Newcastle would be one of the best places to get a real feel for the city. The light trails look a lot more effective than I anticipated, and I'm really happy with how the images themselves turned out. I actually ended up getting a first (the highest mark available) for these photos. It's still a 100 times prettier in person though, trust me.

Posted on: Friday, 4 July 2014


Florida Boardwalk Pier

Epcot Views


In honour of July 4th (happy holiday's my American friends), I thought I would talk about my three week trip that I took to Florida last year. I was actually in Florida for the 4th of  July so it only seems fitting to do a bit of a throwback post. However, I don't really remember the 4th of July all that well. I was at a house party and do recall sitting on a little kids deck chair out in their backyard which just happened to be a lake, looking up at the fireworks with a can of bud-light in one hand, and my phone in the other realising that there was no place I wanted to be but there. I was surrounded by mostly strangers, and yet in that moment they all felt like family. I definitely had way too much to drink that night, but in that moment I felt like sobriety took over me. I'll probably not get a chance to celebrate another 4th July in America for a long time, but let's just say I definitely made the most of it last year.

Posted on: Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Whitby Seaside

A view of Whitby

Whitby Ruins

Whitby is a little seaside town in North Yorkshire and is widely associated with the novel Dracula. I thought telling you about my recent trip to Whitby would be a great starting point because it was where I went to meet the fourth and final member of my American road trip, Izzy. If you didn't read my first post then you won't know that I'm travelling around America in September for three weeks with my cousin Kathryn, her friend Justine, and Justine's friend Izzy. So we decided to meet in Whitby to spend some time together as a group, but also so Izzy and I could actually meet. She lives in London and won't be back in the North East again until we board our flights!

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